A downloadable game for Windows

A Singleplayer gather and surival game in a 2.5D perspective .

De main goal is to survive as long as possible while trying to forge better weapons challenge different foes in different biomes.

Key Bindings

W,A,S,D - Movement of the player

E - Close and open the inventory

ESCAPE - Close the npc panel

F - Collect objects

LEFT MOUSE CLICK - Attack/Interact

RIGHT MOUSE CLICK - Equip/Interact Within the inventory menu


Developers: Ruben Hooijer, Pim Horeman

Artists: Misha van den Heuvel, Wouter Kamies, Iris Schuit

Audio: Cyril Jansen, Nick de Haas

Install instructions

Download the zipfile, unpack the file and click the .exe


Aquarios_Survival.zip 130 MB
Team_14_Documentatie.pdf 2 MB


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I seem to get stuck right at the beginning press and hold won't do the trick, any idea what the problem is?

Thats weird,  that never happend before in a playthrough. Some harvestable objects takes longer to harvest, so maybe you need to press and  hold the key for a bit longer.